4 Winds Pipes

The type of 4-Winds Ceremonial Pipes that we most commonly make and sell are a relatively new style of pipe. This style is probably not something you would’ve seen in the 1800’s. Most of the large ceremonial pipes from that time period, if they were crafted in a way that the pipemaker wanted to have representation of the 4 directions, he probably would’ve done it in a “raised rings” style. We make a “raised ring” style of pipe periodically and you’ll occasionally see one available for purchase on this page or the page where all Other types of pipes are found. Nowdays, most pipemakers who make a 4-winds style of pipe will use a small round file to incorporate that into their pipe bowl. Before these types of files were available, a pipemaker would’ve cut the rings into the pipe bowl.
Most of the pipes that you will see that are made by Hapan will have the 4 rings placed on the bowl at an angle. It almost looks like a swirl, but it is not. Each ring is separate from the others. This is simply the way that we learned it from Little Feather. Before his untimely passing, this was a trait that was unique to his individual pipes. We continued to do it this way after his passing, so it has become a trait that is pretty unique to our pipes. We occasionally do a variation of this and you may notice that on a few of the pipes available for purchase.
On our ceremonial or personal pipes, the 4 directions are represented by the 4 rings on the bowl. As legend goes each ring represents 1 direction.
East-The sun rises in the east-it is the beginning of the day.
North-Brings the hardships and discomforts of life-brings the cold winds of winter.
The rings and designs on many of our pipes are put on the pipe bowl after the pipe has been waxed. This is also a trait that is somewhat unique to our pipes. It allows you to see the natural color of the stone and provides for a nice contrast in the color of the pipe, whether it be a red, black, or some different color stone that we’re working with.
West-The sun sets in the west and brings the end of the day-also can be considered the end of life.
4 Winds Pipes
This style of pipe is commonly used in inipi ceremonies and is simply a variation of the “plains” or T style pipes. The larger pipes that you’ll see on this site will make great pipes for ceremony and the smaller versions of this style are often purchased when an individual wants to gift a personal pipe to someone. i.e. a pipe that will be used for prayer by a single individual or maybe occasionally with a close friend.
If you see a thumbnail of a pipe that you think might interest you, just click on it and you will be able to get more information about that particular pipe. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and if you decide to purchase a 4-Winds pipe or any other item from us, it comes with a “no questions asked” guarantee. We will refund your money, or replace your item, for up to 6 months on any purchase, as long as it is returned to us in the same condition that it was sent. We want you to be 100% pleased with your purchase and we want to assure you that we stand behind our product!