Tomahawk PIPES

Hatchet pipes became popular among the Plains tribes after contact with Europeans. They are commonly called “Hatchet Pipes”, “Tomahawk Pipes”, or “Warrior’s Pipe”. The Europeans introduced this type of pipe to the Native Americans, and the ones that they first saw were usually made out of steel and had a wooden handle/stem. The catlinite variation of this pipe probably was not made by Native Americans until the late 1800’s.
A popular characteristic of the older hatchet pipes is that they were often engraved or etched upon, with fantastic floral or animal designs.
Tomahawk Pipes
On the hatchet pipes that you see for sale on this site, you will most often see some type of simpler etching, that usually has some significance or meaning attached to it. If one of our pipes has etching on it, you’ll be able to find out the significance of that in the description for that particular pipe.
Another thing that we occasionally will do with this style of pipe is incorporate some simple designs into the bowl, and sometimes we will put these on the bowl after the pipe has been waxed. This is also something we do with our 4-Winds Pipes. Past customers seem to really like this as it adds some color contrast to the pipe and basically makes it even more appealing to the eye than it would be otherwise. It’s simply personal preference. Some people like it more than others.
If you see a thumbnail of a hatchet pipe that interests you, just click on it and you will be able to get more information about that particular pipe. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.